Removal Service

Begin your planning early

Moving home isn’t something you do often. Preparing and planning well can help ensure that things go smoothly and your move is as stress free as possible. Try to start planning early to avoid any unexpected problems.

Packing considerations

Label your boxes for easy identification and sorting at the other end. Highlight items that are fragile to ensure that they are extra carefully handled. Check flammable and dangerous goods as some items cannot be transported by removal companies.

One month before moving

  • Collect moving supplies such as boxes, tape, rope and newspapers are handy for wrapping breakable goods.
  • If moving far away, make any necessary travel arrangements like airline, hotel, and car rental reservations.
  • Select a removal company.
  • Finalise real estate and rental needs.
  • Place legal, medical, and insurance records in a safe and accessible place.
  • Give the post office your new mailing address, and arrange mail forwarding.
  • Give senders your new address.
  • Notify friends and family of your new address.
  • Notify banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions of your new address.
  • Inform your doctor, dentist, and other service providers.
  • State and Federal Tax authorities and any other government agencies as needed.
  • Save moving receipts (many moving expenses are tax deductible).
  • Make maps of your new neighbourhood to familiarise yourself and your family with your new area.
  • Plan your moving budget.


Two weeks prior to moving

  • Inform your energy and phone provider about your change of address. Join these services at your new place
  • Hire help for your moving date
  • Validate travel reservation
  • Close or transfer your bank account and funds if required


Packing Suggestions

By having the following household items handy, you can make your move much easier and safer and have it easy while packing your belongings:-

  • Enough removal boxes to store away all of your belongings.
  • Scissors, tape and markers, so that you can carefully close up your boxes and mark them for an easy way of identifying where each box should end up
  • Blankets, pillows and comforters for the wrapping of your large fragile articles
  • Bubble wrap will help you safely wrap your smaller furniture and electronics items and protect them from shocks and movement induces scratches during the transport
  • News paper is a great cheap moving helper that will help you protect your glass and porcelain items such as glasses, vases and plates. You can individually wrap every item and then stack them and they will be well protected from small to medium shocks during the transport.
  • Keep your money and credit cards in a safe, reachable place so that you have easy access during your move, should the need arise. Having them stored in a box will lead to annoying searches and frustration in the process.
  • Mark each box with your new final address. This will help you avoid mix ups and ensure that every item makes it to your new home.
  • Keep an inventory of the content of each box. Doing so will help you find the things if an immediate need arises in the process of your move.
  • Clearly indicate fragile items. You don’t want boxes containing fragile items to be handled the same as boxes containing books for example. By marking them and clearly indicating which boxes contain fragile items, your movers will know how to stack and store the boxes and containers during the move.
  • Pack a bag of personal items you’ll need during the move and keep it at reach. Moves can be stressful and rather sweat inducing. If you want to freshen up in the middle of your move, a bag of personal and toiletry items will give you the chance to do so without having to open up boxes looking for the things you need.
  • Pack a medical kit. You never know what can happen during a move. Small wounds and bruises aren’t completely dismissible. Having a small medical kit at hand will help you treat whatever little injury one of your movers may have.
  • If you have children, prepare some activities to keep them occupied during the transport. While the first minutes of the move will probably be fun for your kids, after a while they will get bored and start to be unhappy about the move as a whole. If you have some activities prepared, you will be able to keep them calm and collected so that you and your movers can continue the work.

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When it comes to moving commercial entities, business, or governmental departments, timing is of critical importance. Whether we are moving small or large furniture, we understand that the show must go on.

Are you looking for a Domestic Removal Service in Parramatta? A successful move requires proper planning and preparation. Every relocation has its own unique needs and requirements. Our process is designed to treat each relocation individually, to properly assess the requirements before the move process begins, and then to recommend the service strategies and alternatives available to you.

Whether you are relocating your family or your business, our professional staff can help you plan for the most cost effective and stress free move.

Parramatta Home Domestic  Removals operate a part load or direct load service throughout Sydney. At all times we offer a reliable and punctual service. Our friendly staffs are experienced packers/handlers which will give you the peace of mind needed to take the stress out of moving.Domestic Removals

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We are specialists in Moving Homes, at all times, be rest assured that your furniture will be securely packaged whilst on our vehicle or in storage with us. We draw on years of experience in the removals’ industry, providing consistent reliability and flexibility of service whilst still maintaining the personal touch and all at great prices!

Come moving day, our team will commence wrapping and packing your effects using the highest quality packing and packaging materials. You can relax in the knowledge that our team, who are all experienced and professional movers/packers, are there to attend to all your moving needs with the care that your possessions deserve.

Start preparations early So your Domestic Removal Job Will Be Smooth

It doesn’t matter which part of your move you tackle first, but it does matter that you start early enough. You don’t want to find yourself having to get too many things done on the last day before your scheduled move. You will end up being extremely stressed and not nearly as relaxed as you should be. Especially where packing is concerned, you should start early.

Often times, people underestimate the workload of having to pack and package a whole household worth of items. You will come across things you haven’t seen in years or that you don’t even know you own. Instantly you will find yourself troubled to finish the packing in time.

Time pressure like this can lead to carelessness and poorly secured items that may be damaged during the move as a result. You should try to avoid such situations by any means start packing and preparing everything early enough so that you can finish in time.

As a part of the Domestic Removal Services, one of the options that we like to offer to our customers is to do the packing for them. We have yearlong experience with everything that has to do with preparing for a move, including packing and disassembling. If you wish, then we can come to your home and do the packing and disassembling of your furniture and belongings for you.

This will make the move itself easier and ensure that nothing gets damaged in the process. Certainly, we will also help you to unpack at your destination and reassemble your furniture as well, so that you can have an extremely easy move as a whole and get straight to feeling comfortable in your new home. It is our main priority for you to feel relieved of the stress that moves can bring with them and help you acclimatize to your new surroundings as soon as you arrive.

Contact your personal Parramatta Home Removals representative and find out more about our packing, packaging and assembly services.

Let us know as much about your move as possible

Unless you would like us to do the packing for you as well, we are going to need a lot of information about your move before the date of your domestic removal. Since we like to able to give good estimates and accurate schedules to our clients, we prepare for every move in advance. We make a plan and prepare for everything that we can account for. In order to be able to estimate the workload and to be able to figure out how many workers we are going to need to employ for your move, we are going to need to know as much about the specifics of your move as possible.

While it is often enough to simply tell us how many rooms worth of belongings need to be removed and whether you have specific items that require special care, sometimes the possibility of one of our Parramatta Removals team members taking a look at the project first-hand presents itself. That way we can accurately estimate the workload and figure out what kind of equipment to bring with us for your move.

At Parramatta Home Domestic Removals, we offer a wide variety of services for our customers. Please feel free to browse through our services list and find the right option for you. If you have any question please do not hesitate to Contact Us on 02 9737 1122


It is a great feeling when your company expands so much that you need to move to bigger offices. What might not be that great is planning the move and all the associated logistics. Parramatta Business Removals can help take the load off by providing you with professional and reliable office removals. Our services are competitively priced and we offer you a free quote on helping you move your office.

Relocating your Offices is a stressful endeavour; Parramatta Removals have the required measures in place to help make the transition as smooth as possible. You will benefit from our experienced office movers who will help to greatly reduce the challenges associated with relocating your office.

Our comprehensive services place them among the leading Office Furniture Removals in the city and they continue to prove this with every successful project completed.

Business Removals

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If you are still not totally convinced that our company is for you then have a look at some of our services:

  • Packing Services – make use of Parramatta Removals full or partial packing services to ensure your furniture is securely packed and protected throughout the move
  • Storage Services – competitively priced self-storage options are available
  • Transit Insurance – although no one ever anticipates an emergency, it’s good to prepare for the unexpected. Parramatta Business Removalist provides customers with competitive insurance quotes to protect their furniture

Take the load off from packing, transporting and unpacking your office furniture. Make use Parramatta Business Removals competitive furniture removal services for an efficient & streamlined relocation to your new office.

Our Business Removalists stick to your schedule

When it comes to business moves Sydney and Interstate, every second counts. Since your customers rely on you to be available to provide your services, it is our job to make sure that you are available to your clients as soon as humanly possible. It is one of our main priorities to ensure that we stick to the schedule that you have provided for us.

However, in order to be able to best service you and finishing off your business removal in the shortest period of time possible, we will need to know as much about your move and your business as possible before the date of your move. While for smaller projects it is often enough to simply know how much square footage your business uses, for larger moves with intricate appliances and technology, it is often better for one of our team members to come visit you at your current location, as well as to view your future location in order to identify possible difficulties.

Once we know how much work will be required, we can plan the manpower and the equipment to employ for your move. This plan will ensure that we can stick with your schedule and have you back servicing your customers as soon as you had planned. So, get in contact with one of our representatives today so that we can start planning your business relocation Sydney as early as today.

Do you need help packing?

As part of our comprehensive service for our clients, we also offer packing and unpacking. Commercial customers in particular enjoy this service, as there are usually many things that need to be packed that you could hardly take care of by yourself. If you wish, we will come and see you at your current business location and help your properly pack up all of the important documents, fragile appliances and all of the furniture that needs to be moved from your current location to the next.

In addition, we can also help you to take apart the large pieces of furniture that can and should be disassembled before the move in order to make the work easier and save space in the vehicle. OF course, our job wouldn’t be completed by simply taking apart and packing your belongings. Once we reach the destination and we are finished unloading your belongings from the truck, we can do the unpacking and putting everything in order for you.

This includes the setting up of appliances as well as the reassembling of your furniture. This service will allow you to get back to work shortly after the actual moving part of your move is done and will ensure that you are available for your customers as soon after your move as possible. This means that you can get back to making money and help you to not miss out on potential profits. Our team members will gladly tell you all about our packing, packaging and assembling service that we offer especially for our commercial clients.

Ensure a successful move by calling Parramatta Office Removals

At Parramatta Office Removals we offer a wide variety of services for our customers. Please feel free to browse through our services list and find the right option for you. If you have any question please do not hesitate to Contact Us on 02 9737 1122